Adam Steck

Founder/CEO of SPI Entertainment, Inc.

Ph: 702.617.9219

Alex Schechter

VP Associate Producer - COO

Ph: 702.617.9219

Penny Levin

Vice President – Corporate Public Relations and Motion Picture & Television Division


Brianne Steck

Partner and CEO of Vegas Girls Night Out

Ph: 702.617.9219 ext 15

Brianne Steck

VP of Group Sales

Ph: 702.617.9219 ext 15

Anthony Pecora

Director of Touring

Ph: 702.617.9219 ext 13

Carleen Terrano

Senior Booking Agent

Ph: 702.617.9219 ext 12

Frank Di Tommaso

Creative Director

Ph: 702-617-9219 ext. 20

Jamie Yuenger

Administrative Assistant

Ph: 702.617.9219 ext 10

Jeannine Robertson

Corporate Accounting Manager

Ph: 702-617-9219 ext. 25

Mericia Gonzalez

Social Media Manager

Ph: 702.617.9219

Michael Battle

Executive Assistant to Alex Schechter

Ph: 702-617-9219 ext. 24

Michelle Chrovian

Party Consultant

Ph: 702-701-7778

Shavonne McCloud

Party Consultant

Ph: 702-701-7778

Tasha Iles

Broker Relations and Promotions Manager

Ph: 702.617.9219

Veronica Fendt

Director of Group Sales

Ph: 702-617-9219 ext. 30

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