Showtimes: Thursday-Tuesday 9:30PM
Location: Planet Hollywood


Sydney After Dark

Prepare to be floored by Australian beauty! Sydney After Dark will take you on a unique journey with its class, style and stunning choreography. This provocative and sultry revue will make you fantasize about the land down under. Sydney After Dark is a spectacularly sexy production that will tantalize your every sense for a nonstop 75 minutes. Showcasing some of the most beautiful Australian woman with extraordinary talent and stunning costumes that will leave audiences breathless and aroused. These showgirls take the art of topless burlesque and reinvent it into a seductive modern titillating tease you won’t want to miss. The acclaimed cast has travelled all over the world entertaining audiences in cities such as Tokyo, Singapore, London, Paris, Los Angeles and of course all throughout Australia. This show is like nothing you’ve seen before with performances in the sky and sultry singing by stunning lead vocalist Natalie Conway. The sensuality of Sydney After Dark is a must see! Suitable for both men and women.

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